What do you USE that brings you joy?

Do you have anything that you use on a regular basis that actually  makes you happy just using it?  It has to have a job other than making you happy like a pen, or a pair of shoes or maybe even an appliance.

I have a kitchen knife my wife gave me for Christmas 15+ years ago.  It cost more than all the knives we bought up to that time added together (about $100).  I have used it 10,000 times but to this day it makes me happy to use it.  I also have a little MP3 player I built for my truck, it plugs into the cigarette lighter and has a case I designed and printed.  I have about $7 invested and it’s my favorite music machine.

What do you have that can make you smile even though the warranty ran out a long time ago?  Did you bestow the specialness or did it come with it?

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