Everyone Moves Up a Level

We have a brand new person who joined us this week.  His name is John.  He is the son of Greg from House Carter and Sarah of Gryffindor.  He is one of us.  Even though a baby is born somewhere in the world every second.  It’s a really big deal when it’s yours.  I can’t think of a more dramatic example of gestalt theory – the idea of the whole being greater of the sum of the individual parts than a mom

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, a dad and a child.  That little person who is literally a part of you grabs your perspective, throughs it over their shoulder and runs off to a place you have never been before.  People told you about it but . . . .

While all this is happening to you,  you may not be aware that the same thing

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, albeit to a much lesser degree, is happening the people who love you.  Friends, and family members are moved by the aftershocks.  Of course the person at the center of this seismic shift is completely oblivious of their effect on their tribe.  They remain that way for the most part – until some bably rocks their world.  And so it goes.

As new grandparents we welcome the next iteration.  We are a little bit smarter about all the things we don’t know

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, a little more convinced that it will actually work out in the end, and absolutely LOVE the fact that our kids get to experience what it’s like on the other side of the dirty diaper.  To be fair

, we are just as inexperienced grandparents as they are inexperienced parents the difference is, our grandparents aren’t snickering over our shoulders.

Here’s to you John Robert Carter


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