Another Timewaster

I know – just what you were looking for. This one will hit our “younger crowd” the hardest so do not attempt if you need to get some school work done!

The video below is for those of you uninitiated in Daft Punk – an electronica pop group that has been making catchy tunes on their computers. They have also spawned some hypnotic videos to match their songs including this one from a young dexterous fan. Check it out if for no other reason than to here one of their hits from 2001. It will also help you with your time wasting link at the bottom of this post.


This will only waste about 3:44 and it won’t be a waste (at least the first time), BUT some web enabled Spanish hipster has created a neato little web app. Click Here. Once your page is up (click “move it” once the page is 100% loaded) you can do your own impromptu Daft Punk jam using the keyboard (not your mouse) you have in front of you. Work it! – Q

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