The season of moving

Overloaded You may have noticed a recent lack of updates. Perhaps you thought, I forgot, or maybe didn’t have anything interesting to say. These things may be true but the real culprit is what I like to call, "a shift in the space/U-haul continuum".

If you are not familiar with this phenomenon, it is when remove a lot of stuff from one place and distribute to another place using a U-haul – then repeat. You can see how one might get sucked into the vortex.  To understand what kind of mass we are talking about here there is a simple equation.

(Number of months in the apartment) x (number of rooms in apartment) + (age of occupant x average number of shopping trips per month) = the amount of effort to pass through the space/U-haul continuum

of course this is only half the equation.  After moving everything from College Station to Houston it had to be moved again to Denton.  We are in nesting mode both with Sarah moving back into her room, and with Katie setting up her first apartment.  During these phases, there moons that can’t exert as much gravitational pull as Target and Ikea have.

So there you have it, I have been to tired to be creative and witty and my ambition was damaged in one of the moves.  And so I’m back, from outer space, I just walked in with that tired look on my face . . .

7 comments to The season of moving

  • Linda (Mom)

    Bob did not mention that this season of moving ALWAYS comes in the summer. When you move the kids to college, when they move out of the dorms, when they move to their first apartment, etc. I personally would like the Season of Moving to be in February!

    And, as Bob was kind enough to mention to me the other day. He has done all this with a 50 year old woman as his helper! How can that be right???

  • Katiebird

    Yall are already so good at moving, you knew all the right things to yell at me because of all of the practice that Sarah gave you last year. I am all done moving for a while, hopefully. I really need to unpack more =/ Thanks!

  • theChristys

    This just in, someone we know is moving this weekend and we are not helpping. Excitement must be tempered, due to the fact that 2 of 3 family members will be driving to Denton and back to continue the move from last week . . .

  • Gregory

    Another move complete….we did make it BUT I haven’t felt this tired in a really long time. I’m unsure if it was the heat or the traditional post moving Monster burrito at Freebirds….I owe my helpers a lot. THANK YOU TRAVIS AND SARAH! And Linda I have great news, the next time I pack up will be in mid-December. It was as close to February as I could get.

  • Gregory

    P.S. – Can I trade you a 15′ RJ-45 cable for a 30+’ cable, if you have one?

  • Gregory

    The need for a new ethernet cable was averted…I just moved the entire desk.

  • theChristys

    I was looking for one although I think it was purple, moving the desk may have been your best move