For Fathers Day, I got a knuckle sandwich

ccaand I loved it!  I also got my CCA membership picked up for another year.  CCA is the Coastal Conservation Association.  They help manage the costal and fishing activities.  They are very active in the Gulf.  Fishing is a big area of interest for them and I enjoy their magazine and discounts.  That was Sarah’s present to me.  Katie is the one who gave me the Knuckle Sandwich AKA Dragon Dagger.knife

I saw these one day when I was cursing the internet, they looked so cool!  It is a knife line by a company called Ecco Chief and designed by Guy Fieri (on the Food Network)  I am not much for celebrity endorsements and that’s not why I liked these knives.  I just loved the look.  If Texas has official knives, they would look like this.  This particular one is made for slicing cheese and vegetables.  I haven’t used it yet, but it feels great in my hand and has good “heft”.

To round out the day, Linda got me a fishing shirt and a new tackle box.  I am moving from novice to intermediate fisherman and know I can look the part.  As usual, my girls took good care of me.  Thanks for everything.

2 comments to For Fathers Day, I got a knuckle sandwich

  • Thom Lawrence

    Nice knife. Intermediate fisherman is a good status, next step is Master Fisherman. To become a Master Fisherman, you must first become a Master Baiter.

  • theChristys

    Thom, good to see you back, but I think no matter how good I get, I will never be as good as you.