Summer Vacation part 3

Did I mention the wind? I kept thinking if we just come back the same way I will hardly have to peddle, just sit up and use my girth as a sail and make back all that effort I am now expending.

We get to the 100 yard incline. The bike people call it a 100 yard incline because it sounds much better than “big ass hill” but perhaps it’s all a matter of perspective. For us Texans if you see your buddy standing in the road about a mile in front of you and you don’t see eye to eye one of you is on a hill. Most of the way up the “incline” we paused to take in the view and some much needed oxygen.

OK so we are getting a little tired but everyone is hanging in there and we can see most of the bridge now. Perhaps we will just ride to it’s base look up and marvel then ride the wind home.

At some point while riding along the water the bike path turned to sandy gravel, still navigable but the peddles get a little stiffer and the occasional mini sand storms are a bonus. Oh well, except for the incline it’s still fairly flat and we need to make it to the bridge. With heads down and thighs burning we push on.

We finally make it to the little park beneath the bridge. At least 2 of us do. Katie and I look at each other. We lost Linda and Sarah.

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