Summer Vacation part 2

While walking along the Wharf we stopped at a very cool arcade. It had machines from days gone by, some from the early 1900s. There were mechanical fortune tellers, player pianos, giant diorama like displays the size of a king size bed where all the little people and animals would move and spin for only 25 cents and the predecessor to Foosball.

We began to see signs for bike rentals and stands with lines of high tech bikes and people being launched by very helpful looking attendants. Everyone looked happy. Right there under one of the billboards next to a bike stand were brochures touting the pleasures of a leisurely ride over the Golden Gate Bridge. Linda was intrigued, Katie was pumped, Sarah was apprehensive, I was torn. We talked Sarah into it, she was being a good sport and willing to take one for the team. The 4 year old across the street has spent more time on a two wheeler than Sarah and Katie have combined. Linda’s and my cycling routine consists of once around the neighborhood once a month. But it was a nice day, we were all feeling good and just slurped down a little fresh clam chowder in one of those cute bread bowls for good measure. We were on a roll (get it? a roll, . . . bread bowl, cycling – it’s a pun).

We decided to rent from one of the locations at the other end of the Wharf so it would be closer to the bridge and there would be less people and traffic to deal with. Remember that free parking space? It is close to part of the Wharf, but not the part where we are now. We make our way up the 30 degree incline. Without the use of oxygen or a Sherpa we make it to the car. Equipment is gathered, organized and distributed. Linda decides to pull a quick change in the back of the van, almost passes out from heat prostration. Back down the hill to start that leisurely ride.

We are greeted by some of those happy attendants, they are from Ireland. they give us a briefing, something about all bike paths, only 100 yards uphill, cross the bridge, downhill all the way to Sausalito, bike rental location in Sausalito and ferry boat back home. Sounds pretty good. they cheerfully outfit us with our trusty steeds, supply maps and launch us on our way. Within no time we are peddling along the sea wall taking in the sights.

Gee that bridge looks far away, and you know, there is a lot of wind here by the water. Oh well, at least it’s flat and we are on bike paths. We can turn around at any time.

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