What we did on our Summer vacation

The week of July 21st we went west, all the way to the edge of the continent. We flew into San Francisco, arrived around midnight our time but we decided to seek out a western delicacy called “In n Out Burger”. Their specialty . . . . burgers. They have about 8 items on their menu which comprise of burgers, frys, sodas and shakes. Simple fresh and delicious – two thumbs up from us. Of course, lost amongst the industrial parks and seedy neighborhoods around the SFO airport gets no thumbs up. With bellies full and dog tired we GPS our way to our hotel and crash (fall asleep quickly).

Sunday we set out to explore the city. We were there for vacation about 8 years ago and did many of the tourist mainstays like Alcatraz and Coit tower. This time we covered some familiar ground like Lombard St (the crookedest street in the country) and Fisherman’s Wharf and thought we might try something different. We had got an early start, traffic wasn’t bad, it was cool yet bright and sunny, we found a free parking place close to Fisherman’s Wharf. At this point the hairs on the back of my neck should have been standing up like porcupine quills.

This idyllic scene was about to spiral into the depths of Hyades.

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  • Patty

    I have been dying to read about your vacation. I just read part one and it sounds fabulous. Can’t wait to read more!