definition: a hole in the water into which you pour money.  Acronym: Break Out Another Thousand.  Used in a sentence:  The day you buy and sell your BOAT are the two happiest days of your life.


So why am I thinking about getting one?  This is a post with no answers – I don’t know.  Rationalization: I need a boat to catch more fish!  Never mind that I don’t keep the ones I already catch.  Perhaps it’s the “Old man and the Sea” syndrome.  I am an old man, therefore I  sea.  No?  I didn’t buy it either.  It could be that I need to get in touch with my inner shrimp.

I don’t know if I will ever get one.  The gestation period for me to make a purchase greater than a dozen donuts would make a mother elephant feel lucky.  But along with world peace and pizza as an alternative energy source, I have been thinking about boats.  I am not alone in my quest.  All those around me are encouraging me.  Could it be they see that it would make me truly happy?  Maybe they are mesmerized by the thought of basking in the sun and surf on a small smelly fishing boat?  Of course I have to conceder that it could just be part of a life insurance scam.

Just a phase?  I could out grow it like last years swimsuit.  I have to go now, there has just been a new post in the boat section of the Pascagoula CraigsList that I need to check out.

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